Kellie Wilton


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Begin at Home. Home Made. Home Grown.


Begin at Home

Since well before my career as a midwife started, a journey through my own pregnancies and births shaped me.  As a midwife I am now able to live out my long-held belief that women should have birth options that encompass all models of care and extend beyond hospital walls and the medical practice model if the woman so desires.

‘Midwife’ literally translates to “with woman” (mid “with” wif “woman”) and it is my goal to be an advocate for women, their families and their birthing rights by working in a midwifery care model that supports women to help them achieve their own ideal birth.

Servicing the Adelaide Hills and surrounding areas, I offer private antenatal, birth and postnatal care either as your primary or second midwife or midwifery support within a hospital setting.